Industrtial & commercial Installation

LOT (Liquid off take)

These are specific type of cylinders which are used in places with high LPG consumption as in large scale industries, shopping malls and major star hotels. In this process, the liquid present inside the cylinder is sucked out at a higher rate and is vaporized with the help of the external vaporizer and then used for the end applications. The rate at which liquid LPG is sucked out of the cylinder is approximately 5 to 6 kgs/hr. If the system is not properly designed the customer may not get the advantage of expected higher flow rate, especially when primary and secondary regulating system are designed with thorough evaluation of piping route and end user applications. Also mandatory safety guidelines are strictly followed for this system as both liquid and vapor flow is regulated and controlled. These cylinders are generally available in the sizes of 33 kg and 47.5 kg from different service providers.

LOT applicable installation standards and specification

  • IS 6044(Part-1), Code of Practice for LPG storage installations.
  • Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD),MoPNG guidelines.
  • National Fire Protection Association(NFPA), LPG code 58

Recommended safety systems.

  • Special types of LOT valves,adaptors.
  • High Grade pigtails. (HYDRAULIC PIGTAILS)
  • Vapouriser.
  • Gas leak detection system and solenoid cut off system.

Advantages of LOT

  • Constraints on getting high flow rate can be avoided as the LPG withdrawal is at liquid condition & converted to vapour by passing through Vapourisers. Vapourisers are available from 50 Kg to any switchable higher versions depending on flow rate .
  • LOT systems are suitable for customers requiring higher flow rate with space constraints for installing more cylinders.