We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in the year 2006 engaged in the business as Consultant Engineers & Contractors for LPG & other fuel piping installations, Gas monitoring & detection systems. During these years we have been associated with all major industrial establishments, Construction and Real estate developers, IT Campuses, Hotels, Tourism & Hospitality industries, Medical & Education sector’s etc

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LPG Detection & Monitoring systems

Gas Detection System is mandatory in cylinder rooms as per the amended IS 6044 specification. Gas detection Systems are used for detecting leakage of excess of that particular product in the specified area of the atmosphere where sensors are installed. This Micro Process based control panel and sensor module provide timely details of any activation at 3 different threshold levels.

LOT cylinder Bank

These are specific type of cylinders which are used in places with high LPG consumption as in large scale industries . In this process, the liquid present inside the cylinder is sucked out at a higher rate which is then externally vaporized and then used for your applications. The rate at which liquid LPG is sucked out of the cylinder is approximately around 4 kgs/hr. The rate at which LPG is externally converted

LPG Reticulated

Reticulated system is a method of distribution of Domestic LPG in housing colonies and apartments complexes through a pipeline network from a centralized cylinder bank of bulk storage to customer’s kitchen .The concept of the LPG Reticulated System is the best alternative to the conventional LPG cylinder distribution system and with the overall demand for LPG increasing in the domestic and commercial sectors,

Gas train system

These are the normal type of cylinders which you would find in your homes, restaurants and other small commercial establishments. In this process, the vapour which is naturally converted inside the cylinder is sucked out and used for your applications. The rate at which liquid LPG is naturally converted into LPG vapour is approximately around 0.4 to 0.7 kgs/hr. The exact amount depends upon a few factors like ambient temperature, size etc

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