Leak Detection Systems

Gas Detection System is mandatory in cylinder rooms as per the amended IS 6044 specification. Gas detection Systems are used for detecting leakage of excess of that particular product in the specified area of the atmosphere where sensors are installed. This Micro Process based control panel and sensor module provide timely details of any activation at 3 different threshold levels. The control panel with Graphic LCD display provides clear visibility and also makes each sensor addressable. The sensor module comes with a LCD display unit showing percentage of leakage along with LED. The control panel also provides additional data monitoring and management by making itself compatible with devices like BMS or other security management devices. Optional PC software can be provided to be monitored on a computer. These detection systems are available for gases like LPG (Butane / Propane), Ammonia (NH3), Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Hydrogen (H2).