AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

Though gas piping systems are relatively safe and user friendly however the user needs to be aware of certain guidelines on periodical maintenance for the quality functioning of the system. The condition of the pipelines, meters, regulators and flexible hose are to be checked periodically for corrosion, leakages, worn outs etc and the leak detection systems if installed has to be in good working condition for improved safety.
From prolonged use, dust particles and other impurities present in the gas gets accumulated in the regulators, pipes and safety devices provided in the system which prevents the equipment's from functioning to the optimum level.
Removal of dust, rust etc. will improve the efficiency and life of the system. Different methods are adopted for testing, ranging from visual examination to using various Instruments, pressure testing etc.
Maintenance of the LPG system has been made mandatory by the bureau of Indian standards.
The user shall get the inspection done of the entire system regularly as defined by the bureau of Indian standards. The minimum periodicity being one year
Periodical inspection is also necessary to prevent any misuse either unknowingly by the residents or damages causeddue to mishandling, negligence etc.


LPG is an easy means of every day cooking. But few people know about the proper usage of the gas connection. Be it Industrial connection or domestic, proper precautions & safety measures are to be taken to avoid disasters.
There are number of inbuilt safety equipment's in the systems & other safety precautions which the customer needs to be aware of. We provide training to our customers regarding safe use age of the system.
We give utmost importance in giving training to the customer regarding precautions to be taken in case of a leakage, Do’s & Don’ts in case of an emergency, whom to contact & basic safety rules etc.
We also try to spread awareness and to educate the customer regarding LPG, basic operating procedure, instructions on saving LPG etc.


We offer cost effective & technical consultancy to the customer which would assist them in opting for the system appropriate for their usage. Based on the client's requirements we design, undertake preparation of project reports with details regarding requirement of manpower, materials, space etc.
We prepare drawings, installation, operation procedure & also pre-commissioning, commissioning & post - commissioning service. Project management is one of the core services in consultancy. We undertake projects on turnkey basis & also carry out up gradation of the existing system.
We also conduct health, safety & quality inspection. We liaison with Oil companies for matters related to inspection, we maintain a quality system with good engineering practices which ensures overall safety.